Why Patients Choose Us

Kelowna Laser Eye Correction



The Kelowna laser vision correction medical team’s focus and years of experience ensure we deliver the finest in laser vision correction procedures. We work with our patients to help them achieve their best possible vision. A commitment to excellent patient outcomes relies on continuing education for Surgeons and staff, advanced statistical analysis, and communication of our experience & results to Focus-affiliated eye care professionals.


State of the Art

We stay current with all advancements in laser surgery technology. This allows us to practice laser correction surgery with the greatest accuracy and precision. The technology our Surgeons use allows a patient to achieve their best possible visual outcomes in a timely and comfortable manner.


Patient Care
& Support

We strive to help all of our patients feel completely comfortable at every step of the way, from pre-consultation to beyond your first year. We’re always available should there be any questions about the process, consultation, or surgery.



Our Doctors’ goal and commitment is to work with you now and, if necessary, over time to help you achieve your best possible vision. We’ve been helping people see clearly for over 20 years.



Our financing options make seeing well something everyone can achieve. At your consultation we will discuss the best procedure for your vision as well as financing options that work best for you.

Contact us to book your NO-CHARGE, NO-OBLIGATION consultation.

Surgery Benefits

Laser Eye Correction in Kelowna

End Your Dependence
on Glasses and
Contact Lenses

Imagine not having to depend on contact lenses or fumble for glasses anymore. Laser Vision Correction gives you the freedom of clear, natural vision.

The Vision
You Want

We work with patients to help achieve visual outcomes that are often better than with glasses or contact lenses; often even better than 20/20. Your best vision is our highest priority.

Fast Healing Time

We believe that Laser Vision Correction should be a comfortable experience. Our Surgeons use advanced technology that allows for the highest degree of safety while ensuring post-operative healing has patients back to their daily routines as fast as possible.

Premium Care

We start by making sure patients are well-informed, have all their questions answered and fully understand the treatment options available to them based on a comprehensive consultation. We then follow our patients closely before, during and well after their day of surgery to ensure they achieve their best possible vision.

    Standard of Care

    Our highly skilled team of medical directors and laser surgeons are committed to patient care. They regularly host and attend industry workshops to refine their skills and share knowledge they’ve gained throughout their day-to-day practice.

    While our technology is current to today’s highest standards, we are continually working to improve outcomes for our patients.

    LVC Canada

    A resource for eye care professionals

    LVC Canada is the central source of information for Canada’s Laser Vision Correction community, providing updates on refractive care and trends, discussion forums, and online resources that our dedicated network of co-managing Optometrists require.

    Let’s talk about your vision,
    and how we can make it better.