What to Expect

Our entire team strives to make sure that you understand our procedures and know exactly what to expect. Contact us at any time if you would like more information about laser vision correction.


Your Consultation

The consultation takes about an hour. We explain which of our procedures (PRK, Intralase SBK and Refractive Lens Exchange) would be most suitable for your eyes and confirm that you’re a good candidate with a full eye examination. We dilate your pupils for you eye exam, so make sure to bring a good pair of sunglasses to your consultation.

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Wavefront has become the standard care of focus at Kelowna Laser Vision, with upwards of 90% of qualified patients benefiting from Wavefront analysis and treatment.


Day of Surgery

Our surgeons and staff put safety and comfort above all else. This leads to outstanding outcomes.

A safe, comfortable environment helps ensure that each patient achieves their best possible visual outcome with minimal to no discomfort.

Procedures are brief, with patients often surprised that they can read the clock on the surgery suite wall immediately after their procedure.


Post Surgery

Plan to rest for the first 48-72 hours. Recovery is an individual process. Slightly blurred vision is normal in the first few days after a procedure. By the second day, you’ll be able to return to most normal activities. Most patients go back to work within three to five days of their procedure. However, recovery is individual and healing times and conditions vary. It is normal for the vision to be slightly blurry in the first few days.

Post-operative appointments will be arranged within the first 72 hours with either your doctor or at our clinic. Kelowna Laser Vision is committed to working with patients to achieve their best outcome.

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95% of our patients report having greatly improved vision within 24 hours of surgery.
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98% of our patients would recommend Kelowna Laser Vision to a family member or friend.
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100% of our patients say they’re able to work shortly after their surgery.

Let’s talk about your vision, and how we can make it better.