For Our Optometrists

Optometrists (OD) who co-manage patients with Kelowna Laser Vision know that the doctors at KLV work closely and proudly with the optometric community to provide the best-possible care for our shared patients. It’s what we do.

KLV Care

Kelowna Laser Vision is committed to educating patients and making their experience with refractive surgery safe and as comfortable as possible. This means answering all the questions a person has, and making sure that their treatment is part of a continuum of care that involves the referring Optometrist. It’s a team effort.

Co-Management Sessions

We hold regular Co-Management sessions for affiliated Optometrists. This ongoing series of Continuing Education events are designed to enhance your understanding of Laser Vision Correction and related care, the latest advances in technology and treatment, and the data we’ve amassed. It’s about sharing.

Patient Education

At Kelowna Laser Vision, our doctors and staff know that laser eye surgery can be an intimidating process for some prospective patients. Other people just want the basics, delivered in clear and simple language. Whatever the case, we’re here as a resource for you and your patients. It’s knowledge that makes people comfortable.

Let's talk.

Call or email us with any questions you have about our proud, decades-long history of treating patients in Kelowna and throughout Okanagan Valley. We’re happy to discuss our procedures, technology, quality of care, and co-management program.